Finally…. more lambs (and more kids)!

First things first- we had triplet Nigerian Dwarf goats born.  They are all good sized and doing well.  There’s a black belted buckling we’re calling Mork,

a tan/black buckskin doeling with white legs we are calling Mindy,
and a black doeling with a white belt, white star and frosted ears we are calling Mearth.
Then when I was at work (of course!), Mona decided to give birth between Tom’s barn checks and to apparently ignore one of her lambs completely.  So Tom came out to find a lifeless appearing lamb.  He did mouth to mouth breathing and chest compression, and the lamb started breathing a little.  Then he swung the lamb, dried and stimulated, and he finally seemed more lively although would not stand or eat.  He was cold so was brought into the house and warmed.  When brought back out to the barn still would not nurse or stand and was breathing hard.  He chilled again quickly so Tom milked colostrum out of Mona and brought this and the lamb back into the house.  He warmed the lamb again and this time he sucked the bottle and colostrum down well.  He was still having difficulty standing but was brought back out to the barn and laid next to his brother at midnight.  Then Mona finally licked him and laid down next to him and he nursed.  By morning he was standing and acting vigorous.  When I came home from work this morning he is looking and acting like nothing had happened, but Tom looks very tired.  Tom definitely earned the right to name him so he’s “Buster”:
His brother is McFly.
I will need to go back out and get better photos to put on the website, but all are doing quite well at this point.  I think we are getting better at this lambing and kidding stuff as we have had two saves this spring- PeeWee and now Buster.  Four ewes and one doe to go!

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6 Responses to Finally…. more lambs (and more kids)!

  1. Krista Murphy, Hens and Friends Farm says:

    So cute! We have twin kids today, too. Minuet had her kids, a buckling and a doeling so definitely from Yahoo. Adorable, and the doeling looks half like Minuet and half like Yahoo. The buckling is black with frosted ears and a few specks of white here and there. Congrats on babies and I’m still thinking lambie pies! Krista

  2. Donna says:

    That is great- I would love to see pictures, especially of the doeling!

  3. Krista Murphy, Hens and Friends Farm says:

    Okay working on that. I need you professionals to help me get this stuff onto the web:)

  4. Donna says:

    I am not professional. Blogger is pretty easy to use- especially once you get the hang of it (and it’s free!).

  5. Krista Murphy, Hens and Friends Farm says:

    Okay, one of these days I’ll work on this since I love yours soooooo much:) And I love being able to go to the blogs you have on side, too. Keeps me inspired, and we all need that.
    Photos coming soon!

  6. Michelle says:

    Yes, big kudos to Tom! Congrats on the live, FLASHY ram lamb, and the beautiful kids.

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