Not Your Father’s Ham, Instant Pot Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes, and Swedish Blueberry Pie

This was our dinner last night. For the ham, I used my homemade hard root beer, the sorghum molasses from Jackson TN, and Irish whiskey since we are out of bourbon.  You do not need to have homemade root beer to use this recipe.  Just go to your local root beer store to find a fun one to use.  I may have overcooked the glaze because it was quite thick but turned out yummy.  We did use a ham from our pig, Scarlett.

I made Instant Pot scalloped potatoes to go with.  They were good.  They took a lot of cheese though, the potatoes were a little undercooked, and it was a little runny.  Tom liked them so I will make them again with less cheese, cooked longer and less half and half.

Then I made blueberry pie for Tom’s dessert.  I am not sure how authentic this recipe is but he liked it.  I used our frozen blueberries form last year as we still have quite a few from our bumper crop.  I just had some blueberries with some ice cream.

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