Room To Move, The Back Porch with Tom Morton, and Peachy Rhubarb Pie

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I moved the chicks into their new weasel-proof pen. Hopefully the ones that survived the attack do not remember it.  Here they are tentatively moving into their new space:


And here they are enjoying having space after being in a rabbit coop for so long:


I thought of the room to move song as I watched them.  I did use this song before, but I think it applies well still.

We did other animal chores and then went to the vegetable garden.  I got the rest of the seeds started in the 100 degree greenhouse while Tom rototilled the garden.  Afterward we had a very nice dinner with barbecued Highland tenderloin steak from Tormund (for Tom) and Copper River salmon from Drifters Fish (for me).  We cooked and ate on our back porch over looking our property while listening to a favorite music source of Tom Morton.

Tom noticed that we have rhubarb ready and plenty of canned peaches from last year and suggested a peach rhubarb pie.  None of my cookbooks had this recipe so I googled and found this Touch of Home recipe.

Here is the pie:


The pie was great.  I just had filling with whipped cream, and Tom had a slice of pie with the same cream.  The coconut was good, and the tapioca thickened the filling nicely.  Definitely a keeper recipe for this time of year, assuming we have leftover canned peaches in the future.

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4 Responses to Room To Move, The Back Porch with Tom Morton, and Peachy Rhubarb Pie

  1. Jeanne says:

    The chicks are really growing! Your pie sounds delicious! I’ve never heard of that combination.n

  2. Jeanne says:

    I just now took the time to look up that recipe. That really does look yummy! However, with our daughter having her psoriasis problems, she can’t eat peaches or rhubarb! Bummer! I guess I could make it for my Hunny and myself and fix something else for her…

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