This Morning

So I got home this morning from work, dead tired.  I was doing the animal chores, and I noticed that Sydney did not come for the morning grain.

Is she sick? I move closer.

Do I see something?

Yes, there is a small calf next to her.

But the calf was shivering and could not stand.  I got some towels to dry her off  and gave some grain to Sydney to briefly distract her (maybe a mistake).  Then the other cows became interested and started to try to sniff and lick the calf.  I propped the calf up but then Sydney decided to horn her.  So I moved the calf to a pen in the barn.  Sydney did not follow.  I put the calf on a heating pad.  Then after a while I was able to get Sydney in there, but she was suspicious.  I propped the calf back up again, and it could stand briefly.

The calf was standing longer and kept trying to find a teat but Sydney kept moving.

More frustrations.

And finally after more than 2 hours, success!

Next we will need to come up with a name.

PS. I have decided to call her Sonja. It is the name of the wife from A Man Called Ove, the book I am reading now.

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10 Responses to This Morning

  1. Denise says:

    yay! so glad Sydney finally let her nurse.


  2. Marlys says:

    Pretty cute! I hope Sydney will be a good mother now.


  3. Michelle says:

    Oh goodness, I was getting worried by the direction of the story; glad it ended well!


  4. Jeanne says:

    I, too, was concerned that she wasn’t going to accept her calf! What a relief!! I’m sure it was for you too, Donna! Sonja is a good name. Looks like she’ll be a cutie!


  5. Diane cruikshank says:

    Beautiful calf. I just finished that book and really enjoyed it!


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