Swedish Day #3

Today my mother and I did our third Swedish Day today.  I started out decorating my grandmother’s grave with flowers from our yard.

I then decorated my great grandfather and great grandmother’s graves.  Despite my easily finding them for Swedish Day #2, I could not find them this time.  A kind worker there helped me.

I took a photo of which corridor they are in to hopefully find them more easily next time.

I met Mom at the Swedish Club to talk to a genealogist there.  We brought our Zingmark book in Swedish and gathered some information from it and about northern Sweden genealogy in general.  Then we picked up my step father and headed to the Preston Cemetery.  Preston is where my great grandfather’s Zingmark aunts, uncles and cousins lived.  He lived there briefly as well.  Below are photos of him there.

Emil in Preston

Emil in Preston motocycle (3)

Here is a school photo with his cousins, Svea and Alvar Zingmark.

preston school photo 1908

And here is Alvar’s gravestone.

Here is Nicanor and Hildur Zingmark’s stone.  They were his uncle and aunt.  They were our first relatives in Preston, immigrating in 1907, and the others followed later with his sponsoring them.  He worked for the local mill as did many of the other family members.


This is the grave of Anna Zingmark, Nicanor’s older sister, and her husband AKA Anders Edward Åberg.

Here is a younger brother of Nicanor AKA Jonas Eugen Zingmark.  He never married.

Below is one of Nicanor and Hildur’s children. He was born in Botsmark, Västerbotten, Sweden just before they immigrated and was named Anders Gideon Nicanor Zingmark there.  He never married either.

It turns out there at least one other Zingmark buried at the Acacia Memorial Park where I had been earlier in the day.  There may have to be a Swedish Day #4.  Here is what the Preston Cemetery looks like.  It is quite different from other local burying grounds.

Then we headed to Upper Preston, which is actually a little bit of a drive.  Here is the Vasa  Hall there.

Here is a photo of the old Vasa Hall that was at the same site but burned down in 1932.  This was likely where my relatives gathered for events.

This is a Darius Kinsey photo of Upper Preston (from Facebook’s Families from Preston).

We spoke to a nice lady in the Hall and have leads to gather more information about our family, potentially from people who knew our relatives there.  After Preston, Mom and I headed to the DK Market in Renton, thinking there might be Swedish foods there.  It is an amazing place but very little Swedish food.  Here is some interesting food I found there.

And this is what I bought.  They did have some Swedish jam too.

I drove to Scandinavian Specialties next.  My google maps app sent me there on Highway 99 so I got to go through the tunnel for the first time.

Here is my food loot from there.  There will be another Swedish dinner, likely tomorrow.

I also got a new Fredrik Backman book.

Then I met up with my Mom and stepdad at Skål Beer Hall.

Here is some of the interesting food for sale there.

I had a Swedish lingonberry mead, and Mom had a Swedish ale.

I had a smoked mutton sausage, Mom had a duck sausage and Al had a pork sausage (not pictured).

It was all very good, except the fries were a little salty.  Al and I also shared beet pickled eggs which were yummy.

Afterwards this is the bathroom’s door handle.

And the street view.

And the T-shirt I purchased.

I had a great Swedish Day #3.  I learned and tasted a lot.  It was fun running around, finding things Swedish still present in the area.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Very interesting!! I’m certainly not familiar with the Swedish names. They’re fascinating.
    I thought I had written to you concerning this entry, but it may have been the one I did on my Kindle Fire, and it didn’t go through.

    Have a great day!

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