Swedish Dinner

Dinner preparations began with a cocktail. I used the Elderflower Drink Concentrate.

I used a suggestion to put ice, our mint, and our raspberries in a glass. I added 2 tablespoons of the concentrate and then my sparking plum wine.

It was good. Later I tried it with my perry which was better because I could taste the elderflower better.

Then I made the Västerbottensost Cheese Pie. I put it in the oven and got the Gravlax ready.

Then I got the Hovmästarsås (mustard sauce) ready.

Here is the pie ready.

And here is the dinner.

The Gravlax with the mustard sauce on crispbread was much better than I anticipated. It was actually quite good. The pie was good too. Tom complained about the lack of vegetables but had made a fruit salad to go with the meal. I was quite happy with it.

This is probably the last homemade Swedish meal for a while. I completed 31 of the 52 Swedish recipes you are supposed to make before you die. There are 3 more I plan on making in the wintertime, but I am happy with the knowledge of their food I have obtained on this culinary journey.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    That’s quite the meal!! Did it take long to prepare?

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