Swedish Dinner

So my honorary aunt Jeanne sent me this booklet that she had found on the beach.

There are some interesting recipes so another Swedish dinner was needed! Tuesday evening I got started with the Brown Cheese with some buttermilk that had been languishing in the fridge.

Then I made the Hard Tack. I liked this recipe as it is all rye.

Next came the Norwegian Meat Balls. I wanted to try them as they use corn starch instead of bread crumbs.

Then I stuffed some hard boiled eggs with an anchovy mixture.

I had some other Scandinavian foods I have been meaning to try as well.

Dinner wasn’t ready until 8:30 as I didn’t start it until 7. So I was hungry and overloaded my plate.

This was all good, but I couldn’t finish. The brown cheese never set up so the hogs enjoyed it. We liked the meatballs. The rest was pretty fishy so wouldn’t want it regularly but was fun to try.

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5 Responses to Swedish Dinner

  1. Thanks for making us really hungry now at the office. LOL!! The stuffed eggs and meatballs would have been our favorite. Thanks for sharing the delicious photos. Have a wonderful day.

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  2. Jeanne says:

    That’s a lot of work!

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