Sweden Trip Day 2

I slept reasonably well, but my mother was up at 4. So we headed out after I got up at 7:30 and started exploring. Here are the well worn stairs and old door to the apartment we are renting in Gamla Stan.

One coffee shop opened at 8:00 and I had breakfast.

We continued to walk around in the cool and quiet of the morning. Here is the Nobel Museum and Stortorget Square.

Here is St.. Getrud’s church where services are in German.

Here is a statue of St. George and the Dragon over a fountain. It is thought that the man who commissioned the statue portrayed that he was the saint and Denmark was the dragon.

Here is the Royal Palace and the church nearby in the morning before the crowds came.

We then rejoined the rest of the family and toured the inside of the Palace.

The throne the king sat on addressing parliament,

A ram in the gilded decorations,

A Bishop’s vestment,

The painted ceiling on a stairway,

royal glassware,

A well carved armoire,

Amazing porcelain,

Intricate dishware,

Royal dining room,

The current King of Sweden with collars of the 4 Swedish royal orders.

the long corridor between the king and queen’s bedrooms. It had amazing tapestries.

Here is the courtyard inside the palace.

After the palace and lunch, Mom and I went to the Stockholm Cathedral.

This is the Grand Hotel that my great grandparents stayed in and were very impressed.

My mother and I then headed to the Medieval Stockholm Museum which was underground and air conditioned.

Just another cobblestone street in Gamla Stan.

The Riddarholm church where many kings are buried.

A licorice store in Gamla Stan where I bought raw licorice root.

My pike dinner.

I am looking forward to the heat dissipating tomorrow as well as more explorations of Stockholm.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I can only say: That is all totally amazing!!

  2. Michelle says:

    A liquorice STORE? Who knew?

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