Solstice Trip to the Boles, Part 2

As promised, here are the photos from our trip using the barn camera, with more outside photos.  This is Ryeleigh’s walk on Sunday morning.  We kept her on the leash the whole time due to all the predators in the area (including wolves) and the lack of fencing.

These are the dark clouds on Sunday.

As I mentioned, with the crappy weather, we watch a lot of NCAA basketball.  Here is the Oregon State Beavers game.  We also watched 2 Gonzaga’s wins and the Oregon Ducks win as well as other less memorable games.

By Monday morning it had snowed.  It was quite like blizzard in the night but not much accumulated, probably due to the intense winds.

The dogs didn’t seem to mind on the ongoing walks.

The skies cleared as did the snow.

Steve found a deer leg bone.

And Ryeleigh was so proud when she found a smaller deer bone as well.

Here are views of the vintage trailers in the evening light.

Then it was cocktail hour, and I made an Old Fashioned, following grampa’s recipe exactly.

Tuesday morning was beautiful.  Mount Rainier looked lovely in the pinkish light.

Here is the sun rising above the mountain.

When Ryeleigh wasn’t outside, we learned that she liked to look outside, especially to check on what Steve as up to.  It was so amazingly cute.

There were an incredible amount of deer and elk trails this time.  And plenty of their poop as well.  I am not sure I have ever seen so much.  Unfortunately Ryeleigh initially took a liking to it.  And despite our best effort she didi manage to snack on some.

I did notice these sprouts all over.  I tried hard not to step on them.

On one of our many, many walks we did visit Dad’s containers.  There is still some melted aluminum from the devastating fire over 5 years ago now.

Steve always stayed in view of us but sometimes from a ways away.

Unfortunately Ryeleigh was always on her leash so she couldn’t keep up with Steve.  Here she is checking out what he is doing.

As I always do, I visited the castle, now burnt up.  You can still see its remnants.

I also visited one of my favorite vistas on the property.  There is a waterfall flowing here as well.

Tuesday was fairly warm enough we were able to let Ryeleigh hang out on the porch.  She liked it because she could watch was Steve was doing.

So that is our trip.  With all of the walking at elevation (with my shortness of breath and palpitations) it was exhausting.  But I had bought a pulse oximeter to make sure I was safe, and I stayed at 90% or higher.  My heart rate maxed out at 154 despite my trying to walk slowly.  So it was a successful trip for all and succeeded in that we are also glad to be back home.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Your picture of Mt Rainier is really beautiful! It’s such a lovely mountain.
    The snow you got was pretty.
    I’m glad you had such a good time.

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