Boston Cream Pie

So I have been participating in A Taste of Old Colony History, which is a monthly event sponsored by Old Colony History Museum.  This is my second time.  The last one was on whoopie pie, but I didn’t cook because I didn’t get the recipe in time (my fault).  But this time I had the recipe and the ingredients (including 13 eggs).  Here is the recipe for Boston Cream Pie:


We were instructed to make the pastry cream the day before so I did that yesterday afternoon, and it chilled in the refrigerator since then.


Here is my kitchen with the eventbrite happening. The host provides the history of the recipe as well as cooking along with us and suggestions. I have the cake cooling, and the toasted sliced almonds are just out of the oven.  The pastry cream has the rum added and is ready to go.  The white icing is warming on the stovetop, and the chocolate icing is not in the photo as it is next to the microwave.


Here is my cake with the pastry cream in the middle and the chocolate and white icings on top.


Here I have added some of the pastry cream on the side and then the toasted sliced almonds.  Since I have never made this before and not even sure I have ever even seen one, so I was not sure about how to decorate it.


Here is the final “pie” from the top,


and more from the side.


So I let it cool in the refrigerator, and we had it for a late dessert.  It is really good.  It is light and not very sweet.  It is a lovely dessert.

But I left a big mess.  Fortunately we have a dish pre-cleaner to help out.  (Not really.  She didn’t get to eat anything but did manage to lick some of the pastry cream that got on Tom’s clothing.)


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8 Responses to Boston Cream Pie

  1. Michelle McMillen says:

    What a masterpiece! Hard to imagine describing something with cream and 13 eggs as “light,” but I’ll have a generous slice, please!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Michelle! It is because the eggs are whipped up so much for the cake that it is light. If you come up here you can certainly have a slice. There is plenty and apparently it doesn’t freeze well which is my usual leftover strategy. And I don’t think it will ship well.

  2. Love your little twists on the traditional! And your dishwashing helpers!

  3. Tammy Smith says:

    That pie looks gorgeous, I saved the recipe. The cake I ever got the most compliments on was a boston creme…. and the filling was literally coolwhip with jello pudding folded in. Which I admitted to when asked how it was made. It was so embarrassing. Nice work on the web on top!
    Your kitchen helper is absolutely adorable.

  4. Jeanne says:

    What a beautiful cake! I’m really impressed! Sadly it won’t be made at our house, as much as I’d like to do it! Neither my daughter nor I can eat it. So sad! You did a great job! Ryeleigh looks cute with the dishwasher!

  5. hungrytommy says:

    First, your dog is super cute! Second as a guy living in Boston, your Boston Cream Pie looks excellent.

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