Our First Movie and Other News

Yesterday afternoon I participated in my monthly A Taste of Old Colony History with a zoom baking of Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins.


It turns out that Jordan Marsh was a department store chain in the Boston area, and they were famous for many things including the blueberry muffins.  Since we have lots of blueberries now, it seemed like perfect timing.  Here are the really good blueberry muffins.


I did pick blueberries before this.  Ryeleigh likes to hang out with me when I do this.  But yesterday she suddenly discovered sheep in the field next to her.  They have been there the whole time, but now suddenly she was upset by them.  Sorry it is horrible video.  I was shooting into the sunshine so couldn’t see what I was shooting and was trying to focus through the blueberry netting.

In the evening we went to a movie theater for the first time since the pandemic.  We saw Enormous: The Gorge Story.  It was really interesting learning more about the history of it, particularly since we had just stayed there on our vacation.

We took Chuckanut Drive on the way home and saw an amazing moonrise.


The iPhone photos do not really do it justice.

Today it was the usual chores.  But the peachick is really growing up.  She/he is roosting already!


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4 Responses to Our First Movie and Other News

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh, my, do those blueberry muffins ever look yummy! I love muffins, and really should make some.

    The video was interesting, but as you say, a bit difficult to see. Ryeleigh is turning into quite a little character, isn’t she! She has really grown, and is SO beautiful! I had to chuckle at her when you told about her little antics, of just lying down, whe she didn’t want to do what you wanted her to do!

    That was really a lovely moonrise you got to see!

    The peachick is growing quite a bit too. I can hardly wait to see him/her get bigger.

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