Tired, Hot, Vintage Baking

I worked yesterday rather than today due to a colleague’s illness.  I had wanted to get some baking done so with this change I had to do it post-call, when I am tired.  But I also picked one of the hotter days of the year to do this.  So it got warm.  I did one recipe at a time so I could concentrate due to the sleep deprivation.

I started with my grandfather’s Malted Toast Bread recipe.  You can tell he was an engineer with the decimal points

I had to find some barley malt first.  He had suggested a brew store so I went to Northwest Brewing Supply, and they milled some for me.

And here is the bread out of the machine.  I will be making french toast with this.  My grandfather felt that this was the best french toast ever.  We will find out.  I have made it before, but I didn’t use the right kind of malt.

Next I made this Chocolate Zucchini Cake.  This is an excellent cake from my childhood.

Here is the zucchini I used from the garden.  I only used a portion of it.  I did use Swerve instead of the sugar.  And I used our eggs.

Here is the cake baked still in the bundt pan.

Here is a better view of the pan.  I love this one and have had it a long time.

Then I tackled this Boston Ritz-Carlton adapted blueberry muffin recipe.  I have made the Jordan Marsh muffins before as part of my participation in A Taste of Old Colony History program. This was in July 2021.  I commented that they were really good, but unfortunately I do not remember them very well.

And here are the new muffins.  They are gorgeous, but I haven’t tried them yet to comment.  I had to buy new muffin tin for larger muffins for this recipe though.  They are call Texas sized.  I did substitute Swerve for the sugar.  And I was able to use 4.5 cups of our fresh blueberries (and our eggs, of course)

The I moved on to Snicker Doodles from my childhood.

I actually bought shortening for this recipe because this is how I remember it.  I did use sugar for this recipe too.  I had to run out to the barn to find more eggs as I had run out.  Fortunately the hens had laid some more since this morning.  Here are some of the cookies.  They are great, like I remember.

So now I am happy to relax as the temperatures drop and watch the Seahawks game.


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7 Responses to Tired, Hot, Vintage Baking

  1. Nice recipes Donna, and I love your Bundt pan!

  2. Michelle says:

    I have GOT to use some of my sourdough starter today, but fortunately we cooled off overnight and today isn’t going to be as bad as the last few. All of your bakes look yummy!

  3. Jeanne says:

    Your Bundt pan is beautiful! What is it made of? And your Chocolate Zucchini cake must be delicious! It’s beautiful.

    I used to make Snickerdoodles. They’re so yummy. However with the changes in our diets, I haven’t been able to figure out how they could be made now. I’ll have to work on it. My mother used to make them.

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