My Winter Olympics

(so far anyway).  I always try to weave during the Olympics.  I had some warp left on my loom after the Summer Olympics.   So I decided to try to replicate a Harris Tweed pattern with this warp.  I have two Harris tweed garments that are important to me.  I have a suit jacket that my mother got for me for my medical school interviews way back when.  And I have a Filson Harris Tweed fisherman’s jacket I purchased on huge sale and is my main spring and fall coat.  So I had been searching for a tweed yarn that would be suitable.  I initially was searching for a Scottish one but failed so then went with a Irish tweed yarn (Donegal).  And here I am finally weaving to the Olympics last week (even before the opening ceremonies).

Unfortunately (I guess) I used up my three skeins of weft yarn and my warp quite quickly.  So then I had the bright idea of going to our mountain Boles Aero trailer and watching the Olympics up there.  So we headed over Monday, watching the Olympics (luge) en route (I was, Tom, the driver, was not).  

It was dicey driving up the mountain.  The road had a layer of ice and then a thick layer of slush over it.  We chained up but were still struggling.  But we made it.  And we set up our 12 volt digital broadcast antenna TV and watched NBC.  

And the beagle enjoyed curling up next to me on the love seat.  

And here is the view while watching.  I knitted while watching it all.  

And the dog learned how to take up the whole couch.  

For the USA and CNBC broadcasts, I had to set up my laptop and set up a hotspot with my iPhone.  It was a challenge, but I managed.  

This is the view, including Mount Rainier, Tuesday morning.  We had a gorgeous dog walk with these views.

And I got the curling on. 

I knit away the morning while watching the gold medal mixed doubles match.  I learned a lot about curling.  

The beagle was trying to convince me to go on another walk instead.  

Tom supervised burning yet another pile of dead trees from the fire.  

And this is our dirty truck with chains.

This is the view from the toilet.  Pretty nice seat.  

Yet another dog walk.  Steve gets to be free, but Ryeleigh is not to be trusted.  

Ryeleigh does like to be a lap dog even though she is a little big for it.  

My brother and his S.O. Sue joined us Wednesday.  And we enjoyed an absolutely amazing sunset behind Mount Rainier,  

while watching the Olympics.  Fortunately they are Olympics nerds like me.  

The Thursday morning sunrise was gorgeous.  

The dogs and I did another morning walk which was lovely.  It is tricky walking on ice with a beagle on a leash though.  We scared some elk on our trip so that was impressive.

After we returned and I was back to knitting and watching the Olympics, Ryeleigh noticed something.  It was about 20 deer walking up the hill.  This is the end of the herd going up.  

Unfortunately we had killed our older battery for our solar system at the Boles with all of the electronic devices.  So Tom had to do a run into town (using chains to get down and up the mountain) to get us a new battery to be able to keep up with the games.  

I had brought my Lion’s Mane mushroom kit to look after it.  I was worried it wouldn’t like the trip, but it seemed OK.  On the left it is starting to grow a mushroom.

And I kept knitting away.  My brother had kindly let me charge my laptop off of his charger so I could watch while Tom was getting us the new battery.

Steve positioned himself so he could keep an eye on things.  Earlier a neighbor had brought a German Shepherd up, and there was a row with Steven getting bit on his ear.  It bled a lot but wasn’t serious.  They ended up playing afterwards.

The dogs got 4 walks yesterday with the last one up to the old settlers cabin that had burnt in the fire.  There was not much left of it.  

Then back to the Olympics with a sunset.  

This time though, when I muted the commercials, we heard owls. Per Sue, an owl expert, it was a couple of Great Horned Owls.  They are starting to mate.  Ryeleigh was curious about it.

This morning it was another pretty sunset with another dog walk.  The temperatures were quite warm in the daytime, the snow was melting quickly and water was running everywhere.  You can see that all of the snow has melted in the valley in the few days we were there. 

This is a nice silhouette of Steve in the sunrise.  

But we had to pack up and go.  It was such a nice trip.  There was excitement, relaxation, exercise, eating, drinking, and conversations.  It was much needed, and I feel so much better.  

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m so glad you got to do that! It sounds like a lot of fun – except for Steve’s poor ear! How far did Tom have to go to get the battery? I know it was worth it, though. I’m always amazed that you can have TV up there. Modern marvels!

    When do you have to work again?

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