Our Super Bowl

I gathered the fixings for the Super Bowl.

My father and his friend Mo joined us.  I made Halloween Spritzs because they were Bengal colors (and I could use up some Aperol).  They were tasty and better than the Aperol Spritz I have made before.  The black sugar was interesting.

My father brought over a bottle of wine he had forgotten and recently found from 1986.

The cork was intact but then disintegrated on removal.  So there were some cork bits in the wine.

It was OK.  Not great but fun to have a wine from when I was in college.

I made Instant Pot chili and had dark chips and Tostitos dip for Cini colors.  Mo made guacamole and brought a charcuterie (pronounced “shahr-ku-tuh-ree”) platter.  It was all so good!

There were some nice moments in the game,

But the Rams won.  Kupp did get the MVP so that was nice.  It was great having a mini Supper Bowl party again.  We used to have them regularly pre-pandemic including the infamous wardrobe malfunction one with our nephews here.

P.S.  My father found this photo recently and sent it to me.  It is me on a Yamaha.  Pretty cute, huh?

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3 Responses to Our Super Bowl

  1. Jeanne says:

    Your mini Super Bowl Party looked really nice! Good food! I especially like the picture of you sitting on the Yamaha when you were little!! SO cute!!

    I did watch part of the game. We were mostly watching the Olympics. I was watching for Cooper Kupp, because my son Brian met Cooper’s grandpa Jake Kupp, when we lived in Sunnyside, WA, in the early ’70’s. I don’t remember it, but Brian says that my husband held a special father/son gathering and Cooper’s grandpa, Jake was invited. Being the son of the pastor, Brian was there too. The first few times I saw Cooper during the game, I only saw him from the back. However, I did get to see him make the winning touchdown. So neat!! Jake was a lineman for the New Orleans Saints. Brian got to shake his huge hand. Obviously, he was very impressed.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I do too, but I wish we could have met the whole family.

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