My Valentine’s Day

Our hens are going crazy, and we are getting lots of eggs.  So if you are in the area, stop by and purchase some eggs.

My Lion’s Mane mushroom is ready.

Mo nicely left us a bottle of wine which we are utilizing on VD.

I had a work Zoom meeting until 6 PM but still managed to make us a nice VD dinner.  I made bacon wrapped steaks, fried the mushroom in butter and warmed some of our canned green beans.  Tom got a baked potato, and I got the skin.  It was definitely a farm meal.

Yesterday my father gave me the engagement and wedding ring set from his mother in the original box.  What an amazing gift!  Their marriage unfortunately ended in divorce, but there was obviously love in the beginning.

My wonderful husband got me flowers and a lovely card, both from W.D. Foods.

Unfortunately during dinner he lost an implant tooth.  I was worried if he had but into a bone or something hard in the steak, but that wasn’t the case.  There will be a dental visit tomorrow.  So a downer to our VD.

But we did have a nice dessert with a Keto gooey Chocolate cake (Kladdkaka)

It was quite yummy and perfect for VD.

Now we are watching the Olympics so a nice evening with my sweetie.  Unfortunately not everybody has a sweetie so this can be a hard day for them.  But I am ever-so-grateful because I feel loved.

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  1. What a lovely day of gifts (and one mishap). Such a treasure to have your grandmother’s rings.

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