We adopted Steve 4 years ago today from the Skagit Humane Society after a long search.  He had been picked up as a stray in Jurupa Valley, California on 11/22/17. It is there where he was named.  He was later transferred to our local rescue where we found him.  He came off as hyper when you met him, and I think that turned people off to him.  But we were enamored, and Rocky seemed to like him as well.  So he came home with us.  Here are photos from the last 4 years with him in our lives.

Steve adoption day 2018

Steve and stick 2018

Curious Steve 2018

Steve at cabin 2018

Steve 2019

Steve at sitter 2019

Steve with rainbow bear April 2020

Steve at Boles 2020

Steve at river August 2020

Steve at Boles July 2020

happy Steve 2020

Sammy, Steve and Bell 2020

Steve and Ryeleigh playing February 2021

Ryeleigh and Steve May 2021

deer and Steve 2021

Steve and William 2021

Steve and Piper 2021

Steve in orchard June 2021

Ryeleigh and Steve playing 2021

He has really changed over this time.  He is much more friendly, letting us pet him now.  He will come in the house and jump in the truck.  Ryeleigh has really helped open him up. He remains a great guard dog, his true passion.  We think he is 7 years old now.  I hope we have many more years with him.

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11 Responses to Steve-iversary

  1. Jeanne says:

    I love all those pictures! Steve is really a good looking dog. I’m so glad you got him, and that he turned out to be such a good boy! Thanks for sharing all this!

  2. Denise says:

    happy Gotcha Day Steve! 🙂

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  4. Jonathan F Bates says:

    Yay for Steve!

  5. Jonathan F Bates says:

    He seemed sweet when I met him!

  6. Love all the photos. Steve is lucky, and so are you!

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