Growing Up

Today while I was doing chores I found an amazing sight.


It was two young pheasant roosters.  For those who have not followed this blog awhile, we used to raise pheasants in a netted pen.  Then in 2014, a snowstorm came through unexpectedly while we were out of town.  It destroyed the netting and our pheasants got away.  We used to have red goldenmelanistic and ringneck pheasants.  We mostly liked just having them but occasionally would eat a rooster as they were pretty violent with each other.  We have occasionally heard and seen a ringneck rooster since then but nothing else.  So today was a pleasant surprise.  There is one rooster that appears to have melanistic traits.


and another that appears to be all ringneck.


The peacock is concerned with these new visitors to his barnyard.  I am guessing they are young brothers as they are hanging out together.

Some of our other critters are growing up too.  The hogs, Curly and Moe, are getting bigger.  They are enjoying their feed, bread and fruit.  They especially like the plums used to make wine.


The chicks that were born in May are sure growing up.  Here are three of the roosters from the hatching.


And the lambs born last year are looking more mature.  Hodor survived his castration and is doing well.  And I was struck by Wendel’s fleece color in the sunlight today.


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  1. Ah, that golden fleece!

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